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Keep It Clean & Hydrated Co-Wash


What is Co-washing?

It is the best thing ever for curly, kinky, course, or dry textures (or any texture that needs a break from regular shampooing). A cleansing conditioner is used in place of shampoo to remove dirt and debris from hair and scalp. It does not strip hair of natural oils like some shampoos that have sulfates in them.

What Hair Textures Benefit from Co-washing?

Curly and kinky textures tend to be dryer then straighter hair so this requires more moisturizing products to be used. Some curlies wash their hair 2-3 times a week if not more to remove product build-up. Using a Co-wash cleanser helps to cleanse with out removing natural oils and moisture, which keeps curls hydrated and bouncy. For Naturals and Curlies, it is a damage free way of detangling. The thicker and courser the hair is the longer and harder the detangling can become.  In the shower using a wide toothcomb or Denman brush, you can separate and comb or brush hair from ends to roots.

Who can benefit from Co-washing?

  • If you exercise weekly and like to shampoo your hair after this would be ideal to keep sweat from drying out your scalp and hair.
  • Great for babies and toddlers whose scalp and skin are very sensitive. Shampooing daily or even weekly can be too harsh and very drying. The more natural the product for babies and toddlers the better.
  • This can help women who are transitioning from relaxed or damaged hair. It will help stop breakage due to hair being dry and brittle from using regular shampoos with sulfates.

Regular co-washers should clarify every once in a while

If you co-wash only, a good clarifying shampoo every 4 to 6 weeks would help to remove any product build up and stubborn dirt that can’t be removed with co washing. I recommend Aveda’s Shampure Shampoo a pure, gentle daily shampoo—with MorikueTM protein—cleanses and fortifies any type of hair. Infusing it with one of Aveda's original aromas: a calming mix of 25 pure flower and plant essences.

Fall And Winter Hair

Co-washing is great in the Fall and Winter seasons when the air is dryer and we tend to use heaters inside resulting in even dryer hair strands.Our Heavenly Hair Co-wash will revive the driest hair - bringing it back to life. Coconut and castor oil soften, detangle, and help to maintain a healthy moisture balance. Rosemary oil aids in hair growth as well as cleansing the scalp. Order some today!